A Pod?

Yes an inflatable pod to be precise.

The Buzz Pod idea was based on a mobile facility to host a podcast station, so that individuals with support needs would be able to record and produce radio show content professionally.

Our Pod is only the topping to our quite delicious cake of a project.

Become A Presenter....

Learn to entertain and inform through audio, create scripts for interviews, project your voice clearly and interact with potential audiences of your Podcasts.

You can be a voice for the community.


Learn how to use the very best equipment to record and produce professional quality Audio Podcasts.


Bring our local and wider community together with audio uploads and community pop-up activities.


Engage with the most up to date technology and work towards understanding how best to use it.

Produce Masterpieces....

Use professional audio editing software such as Logic Pro to produce audio content to upload to the web.

Learn how to control volume levels with Ipad controlled interfaces.

You can be the crafter of beautiful audio.

Lottery Funded

The Big Lottery Fund have injected our project with £10,000 to purchase all the equipement we need to create our innovative and inspiring sessions properly. 

Hands On Technician

Get your hands on all the newest technology and equipment.

You will learn how to completely set up this monster of a mobile Podcasting station from plugging in leads to inflating a 7 foot pod with turbo fans.

You can Manage a project and ensure everything runs as smooth as butter.